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Meet Caleb — Field Injection Operations

07 Sep 2023 | Nora Cohen Brown

Economists project Charm can create more than 200,000 jobs by 2040, and we’re already getting started. We’re highlighting some of the people that are helping Charm grow its operations. One example is Caleb, who we interviewed about his journey to Charm and what drives him. Caleb is based in Kansas.

How did you get into working in oil field services?

As a kid, I was adventurous - I grew up watching Westerns and always loved the outdoors. Overall, I always wanted to just work and work hard. My first job in the farm world was changing out the sprinkler heads on an irrigation system, which was terrible. I thought about quitting my job every day as I just walked along with a ladder and a wrench changing those things out. Looking back now, I'm glad I stuck it out and did that just because it taught me a lot about myself and also my work ethic.

In 2019, I started in the oil and gas industry and worked for an oil service company hauling saltwater in Oklahoma. We wanted to move closer to family, so I looked around and found a similar job here in El Dorado. About a year into it, I met Charm and the relationship grew from there.

How has oil and gas changed over the last few years?

Over the last four years, the biggest change that I've seen is a lot of technology coming out to automate oil and gas production, kind of taking the boots off the ground and then adding more automation.

Describe how working for Charm compares to your past experience?

It’s really amazing what Charm is doing. Working with Charm on bio-oil sequestration has tons of similarities to my previous job. The processes of the injection sites are all the same as the saltwater injection. And everything downhole stays the same.

There are a lot of people out there with oil and gas skills that would be very, very helpful with this process and be able to jump right in.

How has it felt to make a switch?

I really enjoy working with Charm because it's something tangible, and you can actually understand the process and see it.

The work I'm doing at Charm has an unlimited amount of growth possibilities. There are multiple thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of sites that could be used for this process that, if left alone,would never be used by the oil or gas industry again.

It means a lot to me to be a part of a fast growing industry, and to be around my family. My hope for my son is just to provide him the best life I can and help him grow into whatever he wants to do. Right now we've asked him, and he either wants to be a dinosaur or a police officer.

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Nora Cohen Brown

Head of Policy

By injecting bio-oil into deep geological formations, Charm permanently puts CO₂ back underground.

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