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A Story of American Ingenuity and Progress

Charm’s growth will leverage existing skills and expertise from all parts of America to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. See and hear what some of these jobs are like in Charm's employees' own words, and find our jobs report, a summary, and the topline data below.
By the numbers

Charm could create:


jobs and $2B in GDP by 2030



jobs and $20B in GDP by 2040

significant growth in

Agriculture, Forestry, Logistics, & Manufacturing

Pathways to Charm

Learn more about individual journeys to working with Charm

A study conducted by economists at ICF evaluated Charm Industrial’s short and medium to long-term employment and other socioeconomic impacts for the U.S. and found significant growth in manufacturing, logistics, agricultural and injection jobs. You can read more about Charm’s approach to jobs here, download a summary on the right, or the full report below.

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