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Opening our Colorado Miniforge Site

07 Nov 2022 | Peter Reinhardt

We’re excited to announce that we’re opening a second location in Fort Lupton, Colorado, just outside of Denver, called the Charm Miniforge. The site will be responsible for biomass processing R&D, bio-oil gasification and ironmaking R&D, and forward-deployed pyrolysis testing and operations.

Charm was founded in San Francisco, but Colorado and the Great Plains broadly will accelerate our R&D and operations in critical ways.

First, biomass is the key input to our bio-oil sequestration and bio-oil-based ironmaking processes, and the Great Plains are one of the largest biomass-generating regions in the world.

Second, many extremely talented engineers, operators, and businesspeople with deep experience in critical domains like farming, biomass, gasification and pyrolysis call this region home.

In addition to a long list of open roles and an opportunity to build a major new hub for carbon removal and fossil-free ironmaking, two members of the Charm leadership team will immediately be based out of the Miniforge:

Jake Wilkins, Lead Engineer on Gasification, is relocating from San Francisco to drive our gasification and ironmaking R&D at the Miniforge.

Tim Thomson, incoming Head of Finance, is joining from Meati and will also be based at the Miniforge. He previously held senior finance roles at Impossible Foods, Plenty and Stripe.

Over the next year we expect to grow the team in Fort Lupton to 25+ people as we accelerate our R&D efforts and forward-deployed operations, hiring across engineering, operations and program management in particular. See open roles here: https://charmindustrial.com/team

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Peter Reinhardt


By injecting bio-oil into deep geological formations, Charm permanently puts CO₂ back underground.

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